Новостройки в Downtown Miami

1770 N Bayshore Dr
Downtown Miami, FL 33132
$437,900 - $1,611,900
300 Biscayne Boulevard Way
Downtown Miami, FL 33131
$600,000 - $50,000,000
5700 Biscayne Boulevard
Downtown Miami, FL 33137
$550,000 - $3,800,000
942 Northeast 1st Avenue
Downtown Miami, FL 33030
От $300,000
190 Northeast 6th Street
Downtown Miami, FL 33132
От $300,000
555 North Miami Avenue
Downtown Miami, FL 33136
$318,500 - $1,100,000
92 SW 3rd St
Downtown Miami, FL 33130
$750,000 - $12,000,000
1000 Biscayne Boulevard
Downtown Miami, FL 33132
$5,850,000 - $20,700,000
815 Northwest 1st Avenue
Downtown Miami, FL 33132
$700,000 - $9,500,000
1 Herald Plaza
Downtown Miami, FL 33132
Southwest 7th Street
Downtown Miami, FL
$670,000 - $2,990,000
227 Northeast 2nd Street
Downtown Miami, FL 33132
$319,000 - $439,000

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Описание - Новостройки в Downtown Miami

Despite the fact that Downtown Miami started its development in the far XIХ century, the construction still does not cease here. The area has been recognized as the fastest growing part of Miami. Located around the business center Downtown Miami is a great choice for living in if you plan to have brisk business activity, and the purchase of office or residential premises in new developments in Downtown Miami is an excellent investment in the city’s economy, which will be paid off in the shortest time.

Downtown Miami is a heart of cultural, business and social life in Miami. Not just offices may be found here, but also a variety of cultural and historical sights, trendy restaurants and clubs. Elite district of Brickell, luxury Miami Jewelry District, modern high-rise district of Omni and famous nightlife Park West are close neighbors of Downtown Miami which is perfect for modern young people who appreciate the rhythm of metropolis life.